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  • 05 Mar, 2017

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is a Good Idea

Alright, so being Wedding Videographer you might say we’re being biased here, still we definitely do believe in the importance of creating breathtaking wedding videos. So we’re here to share with you some reasons why you might consider having a Wedding Videographer on your big day.

1.      You Catch All the Candid Moments

It is awfully hard to capture candid moments with motionless photography. Unless of course you always want to ask guests to pose, you’ll always have an eye open, and the other closed. The delight of having a wedding videographer is that people don’t have to pose. Your guests are free to move around, chitchat, dance, and just have fun. The video showing these wedding highlights will be more than beautiful!

2.     Watching and Sharing of Highlights

Question is, when is it the right time to watch that amazing video of your dream wedding day? Our answer is every time! If you decide on having a short “wedding highlights” that you can upload, you can share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, watch it anywhere – even at work (and plead mercy for the few minutes of downtime). Even longer wedding films of around 30 minutes require almost the same dedication as watching a typical show on TV. That’s why it’s important to hire a talented and professional wedding videographer who will produce a cinematic film that captures all the amazing moments and sweetness of your dream wedding.

3.     Editing the storyboard

How to identify a good videographer? True, your wedding takes a whole day, and of course you won’t want to skip past hours of the wedding video just to see the interesting parts. This is where a good videographer gives you important edits — highlights from the cathedral, the banquet, and so on. In fact the entire day can be beautifully transformed into a carefully written storyline. A professional wedding videographer knows how to remove unwanted of embarrassing parts. So you don’t have to worry about seeing your favourite uncle poking his nose in your wedding video!

4.     You get to hear the Emotions

Photos taken from your wedding are, you know, static. They are really important though. They can be printed on mugs, stationary, and even t-shirts. They can be placed in photo albums, and uploaded easily to your favourite social networking website. But can a photo produce sound behind it? Can you hear the crowd laugh to your carefully prepared jokes? Or can you hear the bride-to-be quietly snivelling as the groom reads out his prepared vows? Your answer is the same as ours! A wedding videographer captures these and more. He captures the right scenes at the right time and his microphone is well tuned to capture sounds that will make these rare moments come alive, and set the memories of your dream wedding on a replay since memories fade overtime.  

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is a bad Idea

So we thought it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include the reasons why hiring a wedding videographer is a bad idea. So here we go…

1.   The Impact on Economy

 A finely produced wedding video where your vows and toasts are brilliantly recorded and replayed over and over could save your marriage and many others; this will therefore make thousands of divorce attorneys jobless, which could have an alarming effect on the nation’s economy. Can you really let that lay on your shoulders?

2.   The Camera Size

If you like a disruptive wedding videographer with a huge camera with blinding flashlights and a giant tripod, then you’ll be really disappointed technology has improved and modern videographers utilize digital cameras that are really small, inconspicuous, and hardly make use of lights. The wedding videographer can therefore make a high quality cinematic wedding film with all the beautiful wedding highlights without you knowing he was even there. You don’t want this, do you?

3.   The Impact Your Health

The absolute splendour, dignity and sensation of a skilfully produced cinematic wedding film may be so great that your heart may burst out of sheer pleasure. This isn’t good, is it?

4.   Feelings of Regret

Everything else you purchased for your dream wedding will seem pale compared to the brilliance and artistic quality of a well created wedding film. Regardless of how much you spent on your wedding film, you’re going to wish you invested even more!

My Dream Wedding

by Juliane Martignago 06 Aug, 2017

Your romantic wedding in Italy could be planned to perfection by capable and talented Wedding Planners. A magical day to remember forever, special moments sett in great photo services. Different kind of ceremonies can be organized in Italy: civil, protestant, catholic, Jewish or non-denominational weddings, and every kind of service (beauty, flowers, photography, music, transportation, activities etc) to make it unforgettable.

Here you can find a short description of the three best romantic venues:


There is no other city in the world as romantic aѕ Venice, where else can you marry in an 16th century Palace facing the Grand Canal and Rialto's bridge? Where else in the world can you have the chance to enjoy a memorable gondola ride after your wedding while watching the dramatic scene of the sun fading into the Venetian lagoon and watch the magnificent silhouette of Venice sink into the sunset?

You can find the most elegant and charming palazzos, hotels, restaurants where to celebrate your wedding in Venice.


Rome offers the best you can desire for a perfect Italian wedding. A romantic venue thanks to her centuries of history.

An huge variety of enchanting and romantic reception venues are available such as panoramic terraceѕ overlooking the eternal city, botanical garden restaurants or stunning palaceѕ decorated with gilded interiors. World famous sightѕ such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, the Spanish steps, the Trevi fountain can be perfect backdrop for your wedding celebration and photographs.

Your Italian wedding will be unforgettable, romantic and... eternal!


Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, but also a very romantic venue thankѕ to her artistic treasures such as Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Uffizi Gallery, Boboli Gardens, Santa Maria Novella Cathedral.

Florence is so rich in Art and history that is undoubtedly a magical place for a wedding. Civil weddingѕ are celebrated in the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio, which is the impressive palace of the town hall located in the historical Piazza della Signoria, while religious wedding can be celebrated in one of itѕ marvelous historical churches!

by Juliane Martignago 21 Jul, 2017
You will soon be tying the knot with your special someone and you will be starting your very own family! ! ! How exciting! ! ! ! But prior to the wedding, certain preparations should be made, including the venue, dresses, flowers, catering services, souvenirs, wedding cake and the list goes on. Aside from these necessities a professionally made wedding video is also a current trend that you want to try.

You get to marry once or twice so why not fulfil your dream wedding? Choose your preferred setting, theme, food and other elements of the wedding, for this is your day! You should be happy and satisfied. And for you to be able to revisit the moments of your wedding day, then one of the mementos that you should get is a wedding video. Besides, photographs do not always capture those special moments and feelings the way videos can.

How to achieve a great wedding video

Different wedding videographers may have different shooting and editing techniques. So to be able to choose the team that can cater to your
needs, you should have a thorough assessment of the company's experience, wedding videography styles and the wedding packages they offer.

To further help you get a high quality wedding video, here are some tips:

Ask your family and friends if they can recommend any wedding videographers who could provide reliable services. You can also read client testimonials to know which company is right for you.

Have a word with the videographer ahead of time so that you can discuss about the details of your wedding day-the setting, programme and your preferred wedding videography style.

Encourage your family, friends and other guests to share memories of you or to give special messages.

Ensure that you get good audio. Verify from the videographer if they provide a microphone or a lapel mic to make sure the readings, music and vows will be clearly heard when you watch the wedding video yourself.

Inform the venue management in advance that your wedding video is important to you so that they can make necessary adjustments in the lighting and other set-up to ensure that you get a video with brilliant quality.

Choose from the different wedding video packages offered. There are packages that provide a second cameraman to cover moments in the groom's and bride's homes and to capture even more detailed occurrences of your special day.

Your wedding is definitely one of the highlights of your life. Thus, you should not settle for anything less than you deserve. With a professional team, every precious moment of your wedding day will be captured beautifully and you'll have memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

by Blog Admin 05 Mar, 2017

Alright, so being Wedding Videographer you might say we’re being biased here, still we definitely do believe in the importance of creating breathtaking wedding videos. So we’re here to share with you some reasons why you might consider having a Wedding Videographer on your big day.

by Blog Admin 04 Mar, 2017

This is an inspiring wedding video highlight that shows how deeply in love the lovebirds are. You should really listen to the father of the brides’ short, concise and heartfelt speech! And Lee’s toast, well, see for yourself!

by Blog Admin 03 Mar, 2017

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