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   Asian Wedding

Asian weddings are elaborate and grand events. They are full of colourful customs, elaborate decorations, gorgeous dresses and a lot of merrymaking. However, it does take a great deal to ensure that everything is organised properly without a glitch.
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Church Wedding

A church is an establishment where couples are able to hold their wedding ceremony and become legally married in the presence of God. A licensed administrator performs the ceremony and this may be a priest pastor or minister.
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Civil Wedding

Most couples today prefer to have civil marriage ceremonies to religious marriage ceremonies, which demand for wedding videos, wedding photographers, wedding limousines and even wedding DJs. 
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Destination Weddings

You got the surprise of a lifetime! Your boyfriend asked you to marry him, and you said yes! Now that the initial excitement has calmed down a bit, everyone you know has been asking you. "So when is the wedding?," "Where are you getting married?" and many more questions that you may not be able to answer just yet. 
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Jewish Wedding

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Often times we forget that within the borders of our country are many different cultures and religions - especially when it comes to a wedding. Among the most beautiful and traditional is the Jewish wedding. The history and symbolism behind a Jewish wedding ceremony is rich and meaningful. 
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