Casamento judaico


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Often times we forget that within the borders of our country are many different cultures and religions - especially when it comes to a wedding. Among the most beautiful and traditional is the Jewish wedding. The history and symbolism behind a Jewish wedding ceremony is rich and meaningful. Even if you aren't Jewish, it is still interesting to understand the meaning behind what takes place for a young Jewish couple to become husband and wife.

Prior to the wedding an engagement contract called a Ketubah is signed by two witnesses. The contract outlines the husband's responsibilities to the wife; financially, physically and emotionally. It even goes so far as to outline what provision he will make in the event of his death. The Ketubah is taken very seriously by the Jewish community and once signed cannot be broken. It's also interesting to note that the Ketubah is written and designed to almost be a work of art which is often framed and hung in the home of the married couple. 

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