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We are based in London, offering our professional wedding video services all over the UK and abroad.

As fully qualified videographers, we treat every young love’s dream as unique. We apply all our knowledge and experience in order to capture every special moment and make your emotions eternal. From the moment we get to know your story, your film is already being produced. We want to create a film that will illustrate your story into special highlights, bringing your memories to life every time you watch.

We are fully committed to being part of your dream; therefore we have adopted a very contemporary style of wedding video. It will be delivered in stunning full colour, with cinematic quality. We will capture the images of your wedding day using High Definition Canon Digital DSLRs and microphones to capture clear audio.

We would love to take part and share your special moments with you. Feel free to visit our wedding video page to see our gallery including our latest wedding films.

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two children in a church at a wedding


wedding short film
wedding party

Jennifer + Andrew

Wedding film
bride and groom

Talita + Victor

wedding short film
bride with her dad and kids

Danni + James

wedding short film


bride with her dad
 Wonderful, just a little bit of our big day! A day that will always be remembered. Thank you, Eduardo Rodrigues for such excellent work, patience and professionalism.

Jennifer and Andrew

 Eduardo, we just watched our full wedding film, and I just have one word to say: Emotions! You were able to capture and has edited every single moment in a unique way that brought us to tears as we were watching the whole ceremony.
It is like we are living all again, every magic moment of our wedding dayWe were surprised for better saying.

Joyce and Rômulo

close-up of wedding dress
beach wedding decorations
 Before the wedding, everything seems to be in slow motion, but when the big day finally arrives, it just flies through. By the time that I and Talita had time to breath, it was over. 
Now we are blessed by Eduardo with this sensational Wedding Film. Every single special moment is now kept in here, in our memories and inside our hearts. 
A day to never be forgotten!

Talita and Victor

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