Matrimonio della Chiesa


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A church is an establishment where couples are able to hold their wedding ceremony and become legally married in the presence of God. A licensed administrator performs the ceremony and this may be a priest pastor or minister.

A couple can choose to have a church wedding because they want to pronounce their commitment and love before God as well as family and friends. This is usually very important to them and can make what is already a very important day in their lives even more memorable and sacred. The couple chooses when they would like to get married and this is approved by the priest, minister or pastor performing the wedding service.

Holding a wedding ceremony in a church means that the couples are asking God to bless their marriage and it will include prayers and bible readings. The fact that they are asking God to be witness to the ceremony means that they are beginning their marriage with him in their minds and hearts.

Church wedding can bring to light hidden emotional aspects to your wedding video too.

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